Frequently asked questions


How long does it take to develop a website?

It depends on what your requirements are.
A basic website usually takes 7-14 days from planning to launch.
We have done larger websites (CRM,Multi-vendor Online Stores) that have taken 3-6 months and are still in constant development.

What other costs should we budget on when building a website?

The cost of development excludes Domain Registration, Hosting, Graphic Design (logo's etc.) & marketing.

What content management system or template do you use?

We only offer custom built, coded from scratch web applications & websites. We dont use any pre-built CMS, website-builder software or templates.

Do you offer development for Shopify, Wordpress, Wix etc?

We no longer offer development for the above mentioned platforms.

Why do you only do custom coded applications?

We prefer custom coding all our applications as it gives us 100% control of the development process and all custom features/requirements that you may need without depending on third party plugins and themes.
This way we can ensure that you have exactly what you need without the bloat and incompatibility issues that come with pre-built, plugin-based systems.

What technology stack do you use when developing a website?

We mainly utilise Laravel, Alpine.js, Vue.js, MySQl, Tailwindcss and Bootstrap


Do you offer any ongoing maintenance & support?

Yes. We offer premium maintenance support which varies from project to project.

Do you offer support for Shopify, Wordpress, Wix etc?

We no longer offer support for the above mentioned platforms.

Can you assist with domain registration and hosting?

Yes. Kindly contact support for assistance.


Do you offer any payment plans?

For basic websites under R5000 we require a full upfront payment.
For larger projects we offer a split payment option (2-3 payments).

Do you accept cheques or cash deposits?

We only accept EFT payments.
Our banking details are made availble with every invoice.

About Us

Do you have a physical office?

Dezine HQ is a 100% remote company, we do conduct all our business online. Where necessary we are able to schedule online meetings via zoom or any other video service you are more comfortable using.

What are your working hours?

We are available for development Mon-Thurs from 9am to 4PM
For support we are available 7 days a week (email only).

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